Fiona Garven

Fiona Garven

Director | Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC)

Fiona Garven is Director of the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC). SCDC is a non-government organisation whose mission is to help create an active, inclusive and just Scotland where our communities are strong, equitable and sustainable. Fiona’s main areas of interest are community led approaches to health and wellbeing, community empowerment and democratic participation.
SCDC hosts Participatory Budgeting Scotland, which is a national network for PB learning and practice. PB Scotland started in 2015 and currently has 514 members Fiona is a member of the national PB Working Group led by Scottish Government, and is also currently working on a national review of local governance in Scotland.
She is a Non-Executive Director of a local Housing Association and a local Women’s Aid branch, and a Trustee of the Poverty Alliance.

Why do you believe innovations in participatory democracy are important?

Because a system predicated mainly on representative democracy perpetuates inequality.

What do you hope to see at the 2018 Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference?

Evidence of PB addressing issues of poverty and inequality, new ideas for persuading the ‘unconvinced’, being part of a global network advocating for participatory democracy.