Lorenzo Jones

Lorenzo Jones

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Katal Center

Lorenzo Jones is the co-founder and co-executive director at the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice. He has more than 25 years of experience mentoring community leaders and organizing communities to make systemic change.

As a trainer, strategist, and coach, Jones is sought after by groups across the United States and world. He has trained groups as varied as People’s Action, Open Society Foundations, the Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted Families and People’s Movement, Perrin Family Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Drug Policy Alliance, Council of Europe’s Pompidou Working Group on Drug Policy, and more. He has trained advocates from dozens of states in the U.S. and Canada, Brazil, Hungary, and Poland. In 2013, in an effort to train a new generation of community organizers in Connecticut, Jones led a partnership with the Perrin Family Foundation to build and launch the innovative BLOC program — Building Leadership and Organizing Capacity – which is a training cohort of young community organizers in Connecticut. BLOC is now the flagship organizing training program at Katal.


Why do you believe innovations in participatory democracy are important?

I believe the redevelopment of dilapidated properties and the municipality’s
planning for neighborhoods are flawed unless they reflect the will of the people living, working and/or worshiping in a city or town. These plans seem to help make this complicated goal possible through measurable plans and objectives.


What do you hope to see at the 2018 Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference?

I want to see residents from municipalities discussing their expectations for city service delivery and municipal planning when they go home.