Chien-chung 建忠 Wu 吳

Chien-chung 建忠 Wu 吳

Assistant Professor & Chief Director, Taipei College of Maritime Technology

Assistant Prof. & Chief Director of Center for General Education
Taipei College of Maritime Technology

Why do you believe innovations in participatory democracy are important?

In fact, within the range of all different participatory instruments, PB stands out for its capability to generate a concrete decision-making space beyond representative elections.It fosters new spaces of deliberation while enlarging people’s capacity to discuss political topics related to complex areas of intervention such as those of financial and economic management of public institutions.


What do you hope to see at the 2018 Innovations in Participatory Democracy Conference?

The larger question is: How is any reform with democratic implications possible under current circumstances in Taiwan? What are the conditions that contribute to such reform, and where do the dynamisms that create such reform come from?